A simple game made in my spare time over the weekend for the Quarantine Jam.

Its sort of a bullet hell where you want to stay safe by being far away from enemies and dodging their bullets. Enemies explode and release bullets when they get close enough to you or die. You can also buy upgrades like additional firepower or shields. It was originally meant to be some sort of bullet hell crossed with tower defense, but the tower defense side got scrapped down because of time constraints.


WASD - move

Mouse - aim

Left Mouse Button - shoot

1-3 - buy

hold shift to move slower

Escape to quit


1 - Basic tower, shoots bullets

2- Shield tower, has a shield that can block bullets

3 - Heal, heals you for 1 health


Sound from freesound.org:

Raclure, Zott820, Leszek_Szary, VKProduktion, adcbicycle, AnthonyChan0


Build.zip 17 MB
Build - Mac.zip 20 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file. Run the executable labeled QuarantineJam

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